Necessary data
Below is list of data that we need in order to be able to help you.
  • a hydrodynamic input file¹ of the canal system that needs to be automated (or all canal data needed to create a hydrodynamic model)
  • target water levels and their location in the canal 
  • control strategy: upstream or downstream control²
  • operational conditions: minimum flows and maximum flows for all reaches
  • disturbance scenario: time schedule of all offtake flows and other disturbances (in- or outflow changes)
  • optional: specification of sensitivity analysis (which parameters need to be varied, and how)
  • performance criteria: maximum allowable water level deviations for all target water levels
  • hardware data: minimal sample time (= time between control actions), minimum and maximum gate openings
  • your prefered choice between: 
    • completely decentralized control (simple, but lower performance)
    • centralized feedback control (slightly more complicated, but higher performance)

¹ Input file formats can be Sobek, Isis, HEC-RAS, Mike 11, or canalCAD. All formats are in principle converted to Sobek, unless agreed otherwise.

² Upstream control: water level upstream of check-structure is controlled by that check-structure; downstream control: water level downstream of check-structure is controlled by that check-structure.