Who are the people behind this site
This site was created by Peter Jules van Overloop. Your assignment will be processed by him as well, supported by the staff of CanalControl.
Peter-Jules van Overloop, MSc, PhD
Peter-Jules van OverloopPeter-Jules Van Overloop is a control engineer with a broad experience in control of river, urban and rural water systems. He studied control engineering at Delft University of Technology (and graduated in 1994). After his studies he has been involved in modelling, measurements and control of various water systems (see projects finished).

He has been working together with well known knowledge institutes like Delft Hydraulics, Delft University of Technology and with a large number of consultancy companies in The Netherlands and abroad. As a result of his working experience he has the knowledge to model water systems in various hydrodynamic model (like Sobek, Isis, Mike, HEC-RAS, CanalCAD) and program controllers in any computer language (like Fortran, C, Matlab).

In June 2006 Peter-Jules van Overloop finalized his PhD research 'Model Predictive Control on Open Water Systems'.